Greedy Giveaway

In a shallow and blatantly crass attempt to shift more of my despicable and debauched tales I’m having somewhat of a sale over at Amazon. In an attempt to rise through the rankings and attain global domination I’ve reduced all bundles, sets, and novels to the crazy price of 99c or 99p depending on where you’re coming from.

Now I don’t know how long this ridiculous nonsense will continue, at least until I’m bored with it I suppose, so if you want some exquisitely priced smut I suggest you look to the right of this page, that’s it, over there, the little clickable that says ‘Book Links’. A little jab at that will take you to links to my ‘Zon pages. I know I should have put the link on this page but I have an egg boiling that needs my full attention.

As a little update, I’m nearly finished with Part 5 of Punished by Demons and hope to get it out in the next couple of weeks. The others in the series have had some nice reviews for which I am extremely grateful.

Until next time… Play safe and be nice to one another.

Hunter x






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