Brat Frenzy

I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been up to my grubby neck since November with filthy brats in all of their glorious incarnations – Tempting Taboo Brats if the truth be known. This is the latest series I have been working on. A non sequential series, so you can dip in where you like, and, let’s face it, there’s nothing better than dipping into a taboo brat now and then.

I’ve tried to make the stories all a little different, and to make it unclear as to who is tempting who.

I had planned to write ten but petered out at nine. As a writer there’s only so many spoiled, tight young things you can take.

As ever, these stories are all available on Amazon, and will (slowly) be appearing on Smash, B&N, Kobo, etc. over the coming months. The nine story bundle is already out on the Zon.

There is a link to my stores page on the home screen which will take you to the retailers of your choice.

And now onwards to something new. I fancy some granny sex, anyone else?

Hunter X



65% Off Coupon DE57C

Halloween witch. Beautiful woman wearing santa muerte mask portrait

Just apply the above coupon code at Smashwords and get 65% off!

I originally wrote this for another pen name but quickly realised that I had neither the time nor the requisite energy to promote and market and write for two names all at the same time! Regular readers might notice that it is a more gentle story than they are used to, new readers might wish try something else from my back catalogue and find that much too strong for their tastes. Everything is a gamble I suppose. It might win me new readers or deter older ones.

No matter, sometimes it’s good to just have a change.

Of course it has the same steamy scenes (though gentler), it has romance, it has witches and demons, it has detectives – what is there not too like? You can’t beat a bit of paranormal naughtiness.

I’ve added some Amazon links below should you wish to try it. And remember, us writers sink or swim over good reviews, so if you enjoyed it please let everyone else know.

The Witches of Wolverton

A Very Belated Hello

Oh dear, it seems I am setting out with an apology – not always the best of starts. The delay in the publication of my first post and the actual setting up of this site has been rather long. It all stemmed from a sudden lack of confidence and the almost (almost) throwing away of anything to do with writing at all. Anyway, I commit to carrying on, as without writing there really is nothing else to do.

I promise my next post will not be so long in the coming (pun intended).

Hunter x