A Low and Shameful Beast am I

So, there I was with a list of the historical books I’d need to inspect, the spread sheet that would require infilling with all of the pertinent facts from two disparate sections of 15th Century history – oh the excitement, oh the joy, oh the self-righteous puffing of bouncing chest – I would write a serious ( big) book.

But wait a minute; how long would this endeavour take? What would I write beyond character profiles and histories. My oh my what a to-do!

I knew what to do, just a stop gap mind you; something to rest the restless mind – I’ll have a little write up of something naughty.

So here it is – it’s called Madge and it’s about a mature lady who gets into all sorts of sordid scrapes with her two young gardeners.

What a low and shameful beast am I?

beautiful lady sitting on the toilet reading a magazine

Available to all you naughty peeps from;

Madge – Amazon UK

Madge – Amazon US

Madge – Amazon CA

Madge – Amazon Au

See you soon smutsters. I promise I won’t leave it so long in the future.

Hunter x



The Late Library

I noticed quite recently that my local library is open until ten o’clock at night. I hadn’t realised this, and, being someone who works late at night, decided it would be stupid not to avail myself of the peace and tranquillity whereby I could spend my lunch break.

Of course, all of this is from the perspective of a child who’d grown up in the seventies. It seemed in those days that I would constantly have an attendant librarian at my back just waiting to pounce at the first utterance from my mouth or the initial intrusive crunching of my crisp packet. Oh how things have changed.

I had just settled down at a table on the second floor, my moleskin open before me, my pen poised in my hand ready to fill the dull hour with the magic of the written word, when… from behind me came the sounds of a loud conversation. I turned, secretively… It was only two young male students, laptops open, deep in study, deep in talk of beer, deep in talk of girls they wished to get into deeply. I could manage that. They looked as if they were preparing to go anyway. So, back to the joys of creation…

From between the shelves of hallowed books there came a deep rumbling trundling sound. It must be the cleaners thought I. But no, it was a large man, dragging a wheeled suitcase behind him. I cast him an annoyed glance. He of course didn’t notice me or hear my anguished tut, tut… But how was the fellow to hear me at all? With his phone on speaker I could clearly discern the irritation in his wife’s voice as it echoed around the walls. Mercifully he passed by and settled in some distant corner.

I managed a few good pages and then I felt the ‘presence’. I turned. Behind me, on a small and angular sofa sat a man. He stared at me. I smiled. He stared at me still. I managed a few more scribbled words (probably not my best work) and then decided that lunch break was over. I packed up my things and avoided the staring man.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the library, and would fight tooth and nail to stop the government cost-cutting, but it seems that I’d sometimes rather be back in the seventies, back when the Librarian seemed frightening enough.

Hunter x





Kindle Select: in out, shake it all about…

So, once again, I’m taking my stuff from Kindle Select and slowly publishing via D2D and Smashwords. I know this is a decision that many e-writers struggle with. I’m giving my two pence of thought on the subject.

In the long run it’s not a hastily made decision. I’ve given Select a fair crack of the whip, having all of my titles exclusive for six months. For me, the revenue gained through borrows just isn’t worth it. At first it’s exciting, seeing that people have read thousands of pages of your work. It’s only once you work out the mathematics and translate that into 0.4 cent per page, that you begin to question the wisdom.

The tricky thing is that all authors are different and all books/stories are of differing lengths. The variables are dependent upon your popularity.

As a guide I would suggest that authors select a few of their most popular works and try these via Kindle Select. Don’t, as I did, put everything on there! Give the trial a good run (you’ll be getting twitchy after three months anyway), and see how you’re page per view payments are doing. Kindle Select is very profitable for some, but not everyone. The only way to know is to trial it, keeping close check on payments.

For me the trial is over. This is good news for my (modest) readership as my stories are now available on Barnes & Noble, Apple, Nook, Smash etc., making the available market a broader prospect for me.

So, to recap, give Select a go (but not necessarily all of your work) and see if it works for you. Good luck until next time.

Hunter x


Greedy Giveaway

In a shallow and blatantly crass attempt to shift more of my despicable and debauched tales I’m having somewhat of a sale over at Amazon. In an attempt to rise through the rankings and attain global domination I’ve reduced all bundles, sets, and novels to the crazy price of 99c or 99p depending on where you’re coming from.

Now I don’t know how long this ridiculous nonsense will continue, at least until I’m bored with it I suppose, so if you want some exquisitely priced smut I suggest you look to the right of this page, that’s it, over there, the little clickable that says ‘Book Links’. A little jab at that will take you to links to my ‘Zon pages. I know I should have put the link on this page but I have an egg boiling that needs my full attention.

As a little update, I’m nearly finished with Part 5 of Punished by Demons and hope to get it out in the next couple of weeks. The others in the series have had some nice reviews for which I am extremely grateful.

Until next time… Play safe and be nice to one another.

Hunter x






Being a writer and somewhat of a hermit I was having a conversation in 140 characters with a friend from twitter, you know the sort of thing that has to be spread over ten tiny little bubbles of text. Anyway, the gist of it was that I described myself in less than glowing terms as a scribbler. This might be something to do with being British as it’s one of our few admirable traits – that of belittling ourselves. This friend of the internet kindly said that I was nothing of the sort.

I suggested that maybe I’m more of a modern pulp writer, I propose even an e-pulp writer. Maybe I should copyright that quickly. Though I will hasten to add that I am nowhere near the heights of the masters.

Now, this moniker of pulp writer is in no way disparaging and I hate to hear the great pulp writers spoken of in derogatory terms. I have always been a big fan. There was and is very few who write such excellent dark fantasy as Robert E Howard did in the thirties, or likewise Lovecraft did in the realms of horror.

Only a writer can understand the work involved to knock out thirty-thousand word tales of such quality, week in week out. It was their bread and butter, so they sat down in front of clunky old typewriters and tapped away.

Pulp writers of the world past and present I salute you.

If you want to check out some of these works I suggest you start with Robert E Howard’s Conan tales – Beyond the Black River and The Frost Giant’s Daughter. Both evince feelings of darkness and loneliness in the wilderness excellently.

And thanks to my friends on Twitter for giving me good ideas to write about. You know who you are.

Until next time…

Hunter x

P.s Part 4 of Punished by Demons – Exiled, will be hopefully available tomorrow on Kindle – Sunday 8th November. I will of course keep you updated.