Being a writer and somewhat of a hermit I was having a conversation in 140 characters with a friend from twitter, you know the sort of thing that has to be spread over ten tiny little bubbles of text. Anyway, the gist of it was that I described myself in less than glowing terms as a scribbler. This might be something to do with being British as it’s one of our few admirable traits – that of belittling ourselves. This friend of the internet kindly said that I was nothing of the sort.

I suggested that maybe I’m more of a modern pulp writer, I propose even an e-pulp writer. Maybe I should copyright that quickly. Though I will hasten to add that I am nowhere near the heights of the masters.

Now, this moniker of pulp writer is in no way disparaging and I hate to hear the great pulp writers spoken of in derogatory terms. I have always been a big fan. There was and is very few who write such excellent dark fantasy as Robert E Howard did in the thirties, or likewise Lovecraft did in the realms of horror.

Only a writer can understand the work involved to knock out thirty-thousand word tales of such quality, week in week out. It was their bread and butter, so they sat down in front of clunky old typewriters and tapped away.

Pulp writers of the world past and present I salute you.

If you want to check out some of these works I suggest you start with Robert E Howard’s Conan tales – Beyond the Black River and The Frost Giant’s Daughter. Both evince feelings of darkness and loneliness in the wilderness excellently.

And thanks to my friends on Twitter for giving me good ideas to write about. You know who you are.

Until next time…

Hunter x

P.s Part 4 of Punished by Demons – Exiled, will be hopefully available tomorrow on Kindle – Sunday 8th November. I will of course keep you updated.